Wednesday, March 07, 2007

new stuff

its been a while, and im still happy with how 2007 is going. though its not going fast enough...109 days and counting.
jonny wilson called me today, it was nice to hear from him, well we didn't really talk, but it was nice to hear the voicemails he left me anyways. i'll talk to his this weekend hopefully, no i will, i will be coming home from canada on sat, so i'll call ya then bro.
so some interesting news-
i took last friday off of work to hang out with hannah and do some wedding stuff (register for gifts, which was fun cause i got to hold the zapper gun, but we were so exhausted when it was all over). but friday morning i went to a place called 'lynden door' where they make, yup jon you guessed it, doors. they had advertised in the paper for a job opening, so i went out there and turned in my resume, and filled out an application. while i was filling it out, a guy named todd came up to me and said he likes to talk to the applicants while they are still there so he has a face to put to a name. we talked for 20 or so min. until he had another appointment (i should note that i didn't have an appointment, i just went in cause it said to apply in person). he asked if i could hang around for 10 min or so and sit down and have a chat with his boss, and of course i did. when we were done, his boss said todd would like to talk to me again, if i could hang for another 5 or so. so i went back into todd's office, and he said he'd like to hire me. i was floored, i had just gone in to turn in my reume and an application, and i got hired on the spot! this was last fri, and i start this coming monday. they are starting me at 2$/hour more than i make right now, with the possibility of maybe moving into a supervisor role, or some sort of managing position! its been so surreal. i can't wait to start.
i told this story to my friend kevin the deputy on sunday night when we had coffee. he reminded me of a few months ago at church. i had just been layed off and was having a relly hard time with it. while i was standing in line for communion, he said that he had this amazingly overwhelming feeling, like God was saying "don't worry about caleb, i'm going to take care of him". i have been working at a place called tero co. for the last few months (and no, we don't make or use the the cards are spelled differently anyways) as a delivery driver, but i've learned quite a lot of other things there too. i was also denied another job in town that i really wanted, but that would have started this week, and i would never have gone out the lynden door. kevin said this is it. he said that ppl usually don't get hired on the spot, and that this is nothing short of a God thing. i don't know, its been a very weird week, very good but very weird.
so i start work in lynden next week. its a 40-45 min drive from my current house,but i might be moving to lynden next month, so that would be cool to be closer to work, and to hannah. we found this 2 ben apt that has a great view, and i think is brand new, if not then very close to it.
so thats whats been going on im my life, hope everyone else is doing well (i don't think anyone reads me any more...i'm the new danny)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

happy in '07

It is now 2007, as most of you probably know, except danny (i don't know why i chose him to insult...but it felt right, and he hasn't posted on his blog in a long stinkin time...and thats what he and i do to e/o, we insult...sorry, i digress).
i hope all of your new years eve celebrations were fun, and safe, and that you didn't drink too much. hannah and i had a nice little dinner with my cousin sarah (who is friends with hannah) and her boyfriend david, who is my friend too. we had cocktails and wine and it was good. i made pomegranate martinis for sarah and hannah, and david and i had gin and tonic. i made on a little bit into the evening and substituted 1/2 the tonic with cranberry juice. it was good...really good. david decided to name it 'the sexy caleb'. i'm still not sure if i like that name yet, but lets face it, i was flattered. it was a really fun night but i was really tired the next day.
so i have many reasons to be happy this new year, it will be a very good year (i think).
here are my top ten reasons why 2007 is going to be great:

10. in july the live action 'transformers' movie comes to theaters. to remember those? i do, of course, and i cannot wait.

9. i'm getting married less than 6 months from now, so of course im stoked for that

8. harrison ford starts filming for indiana jones 4 this june...enough said!

7. hannah and i are getting married in june, so ya that pretty much rocks

6. i think the third installment in the 'inheritance' hits bookshelves this year, its the sequal to 'Eregon' and 'Eldest'. and even though the eregon movie sucked big time, the books are still good. and i do know that this one kinda gives away the fact that i am a huge nerd...but you probably know that already

5. hannah and i will become husband and wife at the end of june...oh ya!

4. jon wilson is coming out from ireland in june for the wedding, i'm pretty excited to see him, that'll be fun

3. hannah and i are tying the knot on june 24, and it will be fun to have all our family and friends in one spot

2. im going to belize for a week and a half in june with hannah, for our honeymoon, hot sun, my hot wife...enough said

and that leads me into the number one reason i am excited for 2007:

1. Hannah and I are going to be married on june 24 at first pres in downtown B'ham! i can't wait, she is the love of my life and my best friend, and i am so excited

Sunday, December 24, 2006

just an add-on to my last post...i just found out that my great great grandma on my mom's side was a madam, she ran a brothel, a whorehouse, huh...

Saturday, December 23, 2006


My Grandparents on my mom's side just got to my house about an hour ago...let me back track. in 1991 they (my grandparents) interviewed my grandpa's parents Amos and Dorothy. there is about 5 hours of dialog. they talked about their families and the histories and also amos and dorothy's story. my grandpa found these tapes this year and has spent some time converting them into MP3 format. he brought up the 5 discs for christmas for my family. we are listening to the first disc right now. its amazing. i haven't heard my great grandparents voices for years and years and could not describe them to you. but hearing the discs i totally recognize them. its so weird. i really can't wait to listen to all the discs.
lately, as i think about the future, about getting married, about going back to school, and someday having kids i've realized that i don't know much about my past, about my family history. i think its really important to know where you've been, to know where you came from.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A full moon on thanksgiving, and other stories...

A couple weeks ago i took an old pair of sweatpants (the bottom's were shredded pretty badly) and cut them off to make shorts (they are incredible comfortable). i borrowed a veggie peeler from my mom about the same time, and kept forgetting to take it back to her. So on thanksgiving morning i was hanging out in my cut off shorts and my mom calls saying she needs her peeler back to make mashed potatoes. i called my brother who was in town, but heading out to my moms, and had him come over to get the peeler. i hadn't seen josh for a couple weeks weeks at this point so i was excited to see him. when he and his girlfriend kristin came up stairs, i gave him a hug. well josh, clearly not thinkingthat i was wearing sweat shorts, decided to pants me. what he did not know what that i had no underwear on. so he and his girlfriend both got the full monte. kristin, after turning away from my 'junk', ran downstairs while i hit josh in his junk and hugged him (we were both laughing so hard we cried). kristin and josh were very 'em-bare-assed' (sorry, couldn't resist), i was a little too, but thought it was pretty funny.

it started snowing in bellingham late last night. and it didn't reach my parents house till about 10 this morning. they (my folks) were coming into town to pick up my sister from work (the weather was really bad at this point). about ten min from their house, they decided to turn around on account of the roads starting to be to icy. when the turned around, they lost traction and slid right, into the guard rail. when the guard rail ended, they went down an embankment a little ways and were stuck. they called 911 and their friend who is a paramedic. he came out with his explorer and tied their car off so that they could get out. they are unhurt, but were really shaken up. if the guard rail had not been there, they would have flipped onto the roof, and slid 30 or so feet down a steep embankment and into a small creek. i'll try to put some pics on, but you can check out my mom's blog for those, she'll have them up before i will

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

its been a long time...too long

so i haven't posted since...wait for it...september 25 (i think). and i felt kinda bad, lots of stuff has been going on since then, but then i saw danny's blog, and he hasn't updated in awhile either, so whatever. i know he probabaly had school or something (ya right, hes really just taking 100 level classes and lower, and riding the short bus to PSU so he really has no excuse).


now i have eaten dinner, and am way to full to write, i just want to go to bed, i am so sleepy

Monday, September 25, 2006

just waiting...

just wating for hannah to get hear. she is going back up to school this morning. she was going to go back last night, but the borders were closed. i guess that the canadian border guards were tipped off that there was an armed and dangerous man headed toward them, and since they are not armed, they have the right to walk off the job if they feel a threat to their person. so she has to go up today.
i need to thank jeff dick, and danny herbst for introducing me to the band 'the weepies'. they're pretty good. i aquired their cd yestarday at the store. its pretty good.
my cousin phil was in town for a few days, to surprise his mom (my aunt) for her birthday. it was really good to see him. hannah and i went over to their house last night after church for a couple hours. it was really good just to hang out there.
sorry there isn't much to this blog, just its 730am, and i haven't had coffee yet (you'd think that the residual cafeine from yestarday would kick in, but its all gone.